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sâmbătă, 28 august 2010

Dream Theater - Through Her Eyes

 Nu-ti poti da seama ce bine merge acuma, melodia asta!

She never really had a chance
On that fateful moonlit night
Sacrificed without a fight
A victim of her circumstance

Now that I've become aware
And I've exposed this tragedy
A sadness grows inside of me
It all seems so unfair

I'm learning all about my life
By looking through her eyes

Just beyond the churchyard gates
Where the grass is overgrown
I saw the writing on her stone
I felt like I would suffocate

Inloving memory of our child
So innocent, eyes open wide
I felt so empty as I cried
Like part of me had died

I'm learning all about my life
By looking through her eyes

And as her image
Wandered through my head
I wept just like a baby
As I lay awake in bed

And I know what it's like
To lose someone you love
And this felt just the same

She wasn't given any choice
Desperation stole her voice
I've been given so much more in life
I've got a son, I've got a wife

I had to suffer one last time
To grieve for her and say goodbye
Relive the anguish of my past
To find out who I was at last

The door has opened wide
I'm turning with the tide
Looking through her eyes

3 comentarii:

  1. e extraordinara piesa. foarte frumoasa. am ramas imnarmurita. foarte foarte frumoasa. si versurile si ritmul si toate.... e foarte frumoasa.

  2. doamne, omule, cu ce m-ai infectat? ascult piesele astora de zece ori pe zi si tot nu ma satur. extraordinar. si niste versuri superbe. parca ii un virus, pe bune. m-am imbolnavit dar nu vreau sa ma fac bine... canta superb dream. sunt fantastici.