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miercuri, 6 ianuarie 2010

Dead Ends=finalul?

Dead Ends

our job is to believe
to shut our mouths and then receive
an empty home
our life means compromise
always smart but never wise
together alone
i am here and you are there
always talk but never care
got use to that?
and if we scream our scream will be
another strange philosophy
of a spoiled young brat

"fuck the system, everyone"
"start a riot", "be someone"
such pathetic words
i think you better get a job
instigate the blinded mob
to buy the world
and if you think you understand
i'm sorry but you're wrong my friend
it's silence in here
in the end all that we are
is corpses driving in the car
can you smell the fear

love is overrated now
we must find a way somehow
to hurt
and be hurt
and if you listen you can't sing
and my voice is just a thing
becoming dirt

is it to the moon?
or is it to the sun?
is it down to earth?
or is it high above?
is it to the love
this song is being send by our troubled minds
and tired hearts?...

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